Mentored by a family who has been in the coffee roasting business for 4 generations, Striker uses a hand built wood fire roaster and works tirelessly to blend beans sourced ethically and organically from across the globe. From the likes of Ethiopia, Honduras, Brazil and Venezuela, we've roasted blend after blend until we've found our version of perfection. 

From Military service to coffee roasting, we take all branches of what we do seriously. 




If you've ever heard an early morning bugle alongside a flag being raised, you know exactly what Reveille sounds like. The purpose: to wake everyone up in a patriotic way. This is also our goal with each of our blends here at Striker. 

Striker Coffee Co. has embraced the culture of coffee.

Any barista will say, the perfect coffee starts with the beans. That is why we have embarked on our journey to create something truly unique and satisfying for you. Our wood-fired roasting process is unparalleled, providing a special, full flavoured and quality roasted coffee.

The use of a traditional artisan technique over wood is in part what gives the Striker Coffee its distinct taste, aroma and colour.

While we all have different wants and needs when it comes to our morning cup of joe, here at Striker, we blend and roast with all tastes in mind.


The Battle of Long Tan

Supporting the good guys and fuelling your thirst for coffee, brotherhood, and banter.

Ships Worldwide

Looking for something for the coffee enthusiast in your life? Striker Coffee Co. now ships worldwide.