Gary Ramage, a triple Walkley Award-winning photographer and video journalist, will be Striker Coffee Co.'s first ambassador.

Ramage is one of Australia’s leading news and documentary photojournalists, with more than 24 years experience in the industry. He is currently the Chief Photographer for News Corp.

Before becoming a photojournalist, Ramage spent 20 years as a military photographer, eventually serving as the Australian Army’s Chief Photographer. Ramage has documented conflicts all over the world, including Somalia, Bougainville, Bosnia, Kosovo, East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan.


He was the official war photographer for the Australian War memorial and has three published books, with two of the titles being:

Afghanistan: Australia’s War, and

The Shot: Gary Ramage.


Ramage has spent time embedded with the US forces in Afghanistan, and in 2011 he embedded with  Australian troops They were working out of a remote US Special Forces base called Forward Operating Base Tinsley, which is located in Uruzgan province, southern Afghanistan. I spent about two weeks with Charlie Company 2RAR.

 He has documented both sides of conflict for the viewer to be in a position to witness the harsh reality of what everyday life can be like in a war zone for combatant and as a civilian.


His work has been displayed at exhibitions and functions all over Australia and many a digger has had a good yarn with Ramage in remote regions and closer to home alike.

Ramage has an outgoing personality which endears him to the people and likewise shows through his photographs.

Striker Coffee Co. are honoured to have Gary Ramage as part of our team.

“To have Gary as our fist ambassador epitomises our mission, to not only serve the servers the best product we can, but to empower and support those who have served and continue to live that service long after their physical duty ends. Just in the way Gary shows their service we honour that service.” – SCC.

To see more of Gary’s work keep an eye on our Instagram @strikercoffee.coas he has given us images to share or alternatively head to;