Striker Coffee Co. has Veteran owners and in our service, we have been active in varying environments of conflict and deployments in the theater of the current global threat that many live with on a daily basis. 

With Australian Army and Royal Australian Navy ties the brotherhood we have built and shared in the ADF still stand as strong today (if not stronger) than when we were active, with the brothers we stood shoulder to shoulder with. 

Now returned to Civilian life and absorbed into the everyday Australian lifestyle, we keep a tight grasp on the friends and brothers that have shared so much with us through our endeavours and adventures. 

Through keeping a finger on the pulse of what is going on in our community we see many guys that are struggling in a multitude of ways. 

Before Striker was even a concept, we have spent many times helping out those who are in need of a shoulder or the voice of reason at a dark time. 

From helping a mate get work, to long telephone conversations into the small hours just to be that someone who will listen, to ensure we are accountable for all our brothers, as much as we can be. 

So, Striker was formed through a collective of people who all have a passion for coffee, and want to help and serve the community that too has supported us at times. 

Our mission is to create a coffee roasting business that actually creates its own blends and gets them to a market that is made up of the kind of people we like to call our community, with that coffee a range of apparel that too will stand up amongst our peers, and will be a credible addition to the backs of those who choose to wear it and use that as a symbol of comradeship. 

We are in our infancy, we are very aware of this, but we have a plan and that is what we are looking to achieve.